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(in no paticular order)
Billy West Clecky Records (Mod-est Lads)
The Affenders of the Universe Dr. Demento
Pony Death Ride Damage Control Comedy
Bob Narley Eric Klingler (The Twisted Troubadour)
The Affenders of the Universe Bob Newhart
Weird Al Yankovic Cheech & Chong
Chuck Maultsby Bob Rivers
Bill Cosby Monty Python
The Church of the SubGenius Jack Dani
George Carlin Decoder Ring Theatre
Bre-Bri (Brian Wartell) Da Yoopers
Bowser & Blue The Consortium of Genius
Crunchy Frog Comedy Phil Johnson
Jerry Seinfeld Dickie Goodman
Dana Lyons Cletus T. Judd
Garrison Keillor The Toyes
Firesign Theater Too Windy to Walk the Cat Productions
Robin Williams L-Toka
Bill Hicks Shel Silverstein
Family Guy Country Red
Allan Sherman Billy Connolly
Steve Martin Barnes & Barnes
Brent Spiner Frank Zappa
Corky and the Juice Pigs Bryan Bowers
Electric Amish Kip Adotta
South Park Stan Freberg
Big Daddy Steven Wright 1
CW McCall Steven Wright 2
Bob Ricci Rusty Warren
Rodney Carrington Henry Phillips
Rob Paravonian Uncle Bonsai
Shawn Brown Jeff Foxworthy
Dead Milkmen Roger Miller
Doodles Weaver Larry Miller
Frank Gallop Homer & Jethro
Jona Lewie Joe Dolce
Luke Ski Ren & Stimpy
Paul Harvey Hillman Morning Show
Tom Lehrer Bobby Jimmy And The Critters
Frank Crumit They Might Be Giants
Tony Mason Opie & Anthony
Taylormade & ROB-B Napoleon XIV